Where would you like to live? I mean if you could choose! If money was not an issue. Where would that one special place be?  Would it be somewhere you have been before, or are you the sort of person that would just pack your bags and say “hell I have had enough”! “Come on kids pack your bags were going on an adventure”.

Choices! That’s right Choices. We all have them, and we all choose our path in life, from the decision that we make every day.

We are not the same, I know and many people are happy being in there 9 to 5 job. With the one mortgage and two kids. Hey, there is nothing wrong with that, if they are happy, who am I to criticize. I have no right and I would not. Again it is choices that make us individuals.  But you are not that person. And I will tell you why!  you have been on google and stumbled across my site.

My site is like a diary if you will. A look into my personal life and the Choices I have made along the way. Most of them have been great choices but I am human and of course, I have made some bad choices. I call these learning curbs. These bad choices that I have made have made me stronger, I have learned from them.  I have not dwelled upon them I have not let them knock me down (well maybe for a couple of days, until I figured out a solution).

So have you thought? what it would be like traveling the world with your kids. Even if your kids are teenagers, so what! They may grumble at first but they will get into the swing of things.

I am currently living in Belize and I have been for the last month. It is now 1 o clock in the day. Chanise it at school. And I am sitting on the deck writing this blog. Not to mention its hot. No more drizzly cold days for me. Well maybe drizzle sometimes but most certainly not COLD.


The three pictures above is my home, it is a little two bedroom house that we are renting for 6 months until we get ourselves set up.  $800 Belize a month  (which works out to be about $600 NZ roughly).The third picture is the view from the balcony. Honestly, the picture does not do it that much justice. Why I wanted to share this with you is because if you look at the pictures at the top. Now those pictures are of our backyard. Well,l that is what it seems like. I can hear the waves at night when the seas a bit rough. It is heaven. And whenever it gets too hot I can walk 80 meters to the sea and cool off. It is so magical.

We chose Belize to live on a whim. As you know we could not get our Visa in the USA and our first thought was to move to Gran Canaries. And we were going to. We got our selves ready to leave and not only that told everybody we were going to spend a few years in Gran Canaries.

It was not English speaking tough and I had this niggling doubt that it would not be right for us. Chanise is 14 I wanted to get her into an English speaking school and not pay the earth. So I did what you were probably were doing when you stumbled across my page. I was googling, and Belize popped up. By the end of the day, we all knew as a family where we were heading. BELIZE!

And it has been great Choice.  Don’t get me wrong we have only been here 4 weeks, so we are just getting to know the place. But within the 4 weeks, we have a house, Chanise is at school. We know the neighborhood. We have met our neighbors and we have even bought a Dog. A beautiful 6 weeks old German Sheppard and we have named her Bella.

So my Blog today was about ‘choices’ people. We all have them. And don’t’ let money or fear get in the way of something that you really want to do. Push your boundaries, my fellow friends. And be good to each other. Stay Positive. And as I always say to my kids, “You have one shot at life, make the most of it!”

Also before I go, I want to shout out to Charlie and Chloe my two beautiful girls that I miss terribly.

You know what to do. And comments or questions, type below




Originally posted 2018-11-07 19:32:19.