So my 12-year-old daughter wanted to become a Vegan! mmm

My first thought was, ‘I don’t think so’! We lived in a busy household, with 3 children of my own and two-step kids that I had to love, nurture and support. (Boy trouble, argh. Sneaking out at night. Staying up all night. School. Hormones racing etc…) Yes, the usual stuff that any parent worries about when it comes to your kids. Also, with the fact of working full time on our business and keeping the house clean. I thought NO. I already had to do a separate meal for my other daughter as she has many allergies with food. This was not my only concern believe it not. It was support. Yes, support! How would I find the time to educate myself on Veganism. How will I know if she is getting the right nutrients? Will she lose too much weight? Is this going to lead to an Eating disorder? Worries, anxiety yes I had them both. Again just the normal feeling a mother would have. She was only 12 how can she make this decision. As you can guess ‘Yes’, I was worried! This was way too much effort. I had other things to do! Didn’t I?

My gut feeling was telling me no. But was I being selfish? Was this unrealistic?

In truth, I did kind of brush it off at first. With the normal comments. “I’m to busy to talk about it right now”. “Let us talk about it later on”. “Would you stop going on about it, your great as you are”. “Don’t you think there or not enough going on without you adding to the pressure”. “You are not old enough to make this decision”. “I am the parent and I know what’s best for you”!

When I see these comments I kind of cringe. I was not being supportive at all! And my job as a mother was to give my child support. My child is her own person with her own mind. Also, my teen must have her own reasons for wanting to become Vegan.

After a couple of months of my child constantly in my ear, with the frequent turning her nose up at meat. Looking for the ingredients in anything I cooked every day. Gong to the supermarket and analyzing the ingredients on the packaging. And with me saying things like “ohh look at this muffin you would miss out if you become vegan. I was even eating the muffin in front of her and telling her how delicious is! “Come on Chanise have a bite”.

That’s right, I do not think I have told you my Vegan Teens name. Introducing Chanise (as above). I think this is important you should know this as my experience and creation on this website is based on her.

After a couple of months of battles every day. I could see it was time. She was ready. There was no swaying her, she had made up her mind.

There will be more on this story on my next post along with pictures

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