Sometimes it feels like I have been living in Belize for 5 Years, but sometimes I feel I still have so much to learn about the Country. Its been two months, and we are well and truly settled. As you all know we came to Belize because it is an English speaking Country. We did not know a thing about Belize. In fact, we had never heard of Belize before. It popped up on my Facebook when we were in the middle of deciding where to live. Where to go next from Florida!

Belize is not what I expected, if you want to be in the action of things and lead a fast-paced life Belize is not for you. I have been to many Countries and Belize is probably the quietest. Literally, I can take Bella (our Puppy) down the beach for a walk and there is nobody there. The complete beach to my self. It is heavenly. We are not out in the country of Belize we are living in Placencia. In the heart of things. Placencia is the most visited by Tourist. And there many expats here, some full time and some 6 months out of the year. And I can see why!

I took this picture at 5 o clock yesterday evening. The water was like glass. (Just beautiful). If you believe the earth is flat (Which I do Not), I think this picture just says it all. Sea meets the sky.

Chanise is at High school, unfortunately, they have no High school in Placencia. But that ok she can catch the boat which takes about 10 minutes then a short walk to school or she can catch the school bus, which takes her about an hour each way


The school bus is free, and the water taxi is roughly $3US each way.

The days for Chanise are long, she starts her day at 4.30am and she is back from school at 5 pm. With loads of homework. Chanise tells me life is hard with all the pressure bestowed upon her. To be honest I sometimes I have to turn away with a smile on face and a thought to myself. ‘Oh, Chanise wait girl you just wait’. I also tell her that, Mother is a (Noun) – One person that does the work of 20, and for FREE! But with school, homework, boys or girls (whatever)! The life of Chanise seems to change daily. … Before her teen years, Chanise focused on school, play, and gaining approval from me. But now, mmm Chanise’s goals are replaced with a desire for independence, as she works toward becoming a young adult…

But all in all Chanise is enjoying life in her new Country and after 9 months in the USA Homeschooling her. (Which both of us didn’t like) Don’t get me wrong if it works for you. Run with it. But trying to get her up in the morning to do schooling with me caused many arguments. Anyway, Socia life and school life is back for Chanise.

Friends, have me and my hubby Mark made friends? You bet we have. Maybe not to the point of going for a coffee but having a couple of beers on the deck in a evening, or a ride in the car. Do we know people in the neighbourhood? Sure we do!

Picture of hubby Mark and friend Major. Cooking in the kitchen after a few hours on the boat fishing for lobster. (6 caught and cooked). Goals!

Christmas – wow. I was planning Christmas in America this year! I was going to go all out with the Christmas decorations (Everything big in America). But in Belize, there is no big fancy malls here or even supermarkets. The supermarkets that we have got are small and overpriced. On the plus side there is unsprayed fruit and veg here that are cheap and taste wonderful. Christmas at this stage will be a fruit breakfast with fresh bread. Followed by a barbeque (or grill as they say in the USA). And a swim in the sea. With a few friends. And well we went organic with the Christmas tree. By my very talented and wonderful husband. A homemade tree (Below). Much better than what they were offering at the supermarket.

We love it!

What have we been doing for two months? Well for those that know me and Mark we are always thinking of new things to do. I mean we all have to make money right. And anyway it would be boring doing nothing at the age of 42. We are way to young and energetic to retire.

Well, we have made friends and established ourselves in the community. Making ourselves known to the right people.

. We have rented a beach house

. Chanise is at school

. I am still training through my wealthy affiliates

And we are in the process of opening our business! So exciting! Watch this space, guys. I am working on the website for it, it is currently under construction. But keep an eye on it!


And as the year draws to an end and the holidays are upon us. I am missing my two girls heaps, but on a positive roll on next year, when we meet up.





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