Tell me your thoughts? Are you in the same situation? How do you stop the constant bickering? I tell you its like having two teenagers in the House. Argh

Depending on if you have read my previous blogs you will be aware that I am a Vegetarian, my husband Mark is a big meat eater and my teenager daughter, Chanise is Vegan. I have not always been Vegetarian but I have always been a fussy meat eater. I remember growing up (in the 80s, oh weren’t they the best!). Anyway, my oldest sister (by a year and a half, Tracy), loved her meat so it worked well for us. When dad was not looking we used to swap things on our plate. I ate her Vegetables and she ate my Meat. It worked well most of the time, yes, of course, we were caught and made to sit there until everything on our plates were gone. Wow, I used to hate that.

The thing is nothing has changed Tracy still hates her Vegetables and I dislike my meat.

Now because I live with a meat eater, and because I am the main cook in the house. I still have to handle meat. (Much to the disgust of Chanise). But saying this I do wear disposable gloves. I just cannot stand the texture of dead flesh on my fingers. And also my other two daughters Chloe and Charlie are also great lovers of Meat. So me being a vegetarian has not rubbed off on them.

Now I just wanted to write a little piece on this just to share my thoughts with you. Just because again a little something happened when I was at Chanise’s school today picking her up. We were standing in the principals’ office just talking about what we were going to have for lunch (we were trying to kill an hour before an appointment). Anyway, the principal was there just typing a quick letter for us that we needed. And as I said the three of us was just standing there chatting about what to have for lunch. And you guessed it! Mark said something along the lines of “I really fancy some chicken”. Pretty harmless right. Yah think.

I butted in “we could go and get some Chinese”. But it was too late, I got the big lecture about the slaughtering and killing of animals and how disgusting it is. Now don’t get me wrong I love it when we have these discussions (almost every day). The way Mark and Chanise wind each other up. In a playful way, but with meaning in their words. You are thinking what did I say!! Did I just let it slide, or have a normal discussion that we do every day when meat is mentioned.

I did neither. I simply just turned around and said to Chanise. “Not now Chanise, this discussion can wait”. She just looked at me and gave me a grin and said “OK”. So we all set off for lunch and to be honest there was no talk today at lunch regarding the slaughter and cruelty to animals. Nore will there be one in about an hour time when I cook dinner. Do you know why? I will tell you, it is because we are all eating Vegan tonight. Beans on Toast, how easy. Ok, maybe we are not getting all of the best tonight for dinner. But so what! we had a healthy lunch. Full of vegetables and goodness. And everybody is Happy.

Me, well I don’t really get much grief from Chanise. I’m pretty good really when I cook at night I have Vegan with Chanise. Although I might not be totally Vegan I do try and support Chanise. And to be honest I could easily become a Vegan again. I was maybe three years ago, and I found it easy but once I moved to Thailand I found things weren’t that easily accessible. Looking back now I think that was just an excuse I told myself. I did miss the odd chocolate bar or a nice scrambled egg.

So now I do indulge in these treats, not very often, but I do. And I am the middle man when Chanise and Mark start one of there conversations. The best advice I give to both of them is we all have choices in life and nothing can be forced upon somebody else’s choices. We are all different. Would it be great if everybody was Vegan, my opinion yes it would be. The reality, well it just not going to happen!

Signing off Peeps. Have an awesome night and don’t forget to comments below xx



Originally posted 2018-11-08 23:05:20.