Hi, all I hope you enjoyed my last page. And welcome back. At this time my Teen was a Vegetarian. I still heard her constant banging on about wanting to become Vegan. She still felt guilty about animal products that were In her food. Yes, she was not actively eating meat but she was eating animal products that are found in food.

I still was not that happy about her turning Vegan and to be honest I am not sure why. She was acting responsibly. She was eating healthy. And she was exercising.

But Looking back I still had the nagging feeling, “is this going to lead to an eating disorder’. Yes, she was doing great! but what I had noticed is that she was measuring everything. And when I say this I mean her food.

I wasn’t the only person to notice this her 2 sisters also bought this to my attention. “Mum have you noticed Chanise is not eating that good”, and, “Mum Chanise is eating like a rabbit”, also, “Mum are you going to allow Chanise to do this, you should be worried”. And in fact, I was worried, ‘I did notice’. And with this came the arguments!

Did I confront Chanise on a daily basis, you bet I did! The gloves were on!!!!!!

I knew what was best! As all us mothers are. (I want to put one of the wink emoji, right here) And you could see that she wasn’t eating enough. As I said “yes” she was eating healthy, but this was not my main concern. My concern was she was not eating enough. She was eating like a sparrow.

As you know as a parent with a teenager honesty is not always the best policy, especially when they are at the age where they are learning more and more about the world we live in. Sex, Murder, Violence. Just to name a few. Diplomatic, yes ‘diplomatic’, this was the way to go with dealing with Chanise. And diplomatic I was, ‘smooth suggestions’, all the way!.

Just kidding, the gloves were off!

I was worried and I raised my concern with her. Sometimes it was just on passing discussions but sometimes, When she kept telling me she was ready to go Vegan, there would be raised voices. She was desperate, she was feeling more guilty every day.

The discussion when my meat eating husband sat down to eat his big Steak. Well, this has caused many of a discussion around the table, as I think you can probably picture. I did keep telling her until I see that you are eating more we can discuss it further. Until I can see that you are not eating like a rabbit, ‘again’ we can discuss it further. The answer is No!

This went on for a few months. And she did actually listen, I think! I could see an improvement. I have a Question, to you all. Do you think I was the one to tell Chanise, “Yes Chanise you are ready, that’s right, you are ready to turn Vegan!

Well, I was not, yes you read it right. I was NOT, argh. Circumstances in our lives changed. Chanise went to spend a few weeks with her Dad in New Zealand and then England and I went to Mexico for six weeks, with my Husband.

During the weeks that she spent with her Dad! She turned Vegan! Without even consulting me! Me her mum!

On my last note, I hope you like the picture below. Chanise is on the left, with my oldest daughter, Charlie and in the Middle and my middle child Chloe, on the right.

I would love to hear your comments on this post. Or any questions that you have. You know what to do. Comment below and I will absolutely comment back! Have a great day, whatever challenges come your way.




Originally posted 2018-09-21 18:12:38.