Key supplements for teens to survive a vegan diet. No matter what your eating, or how healthy your diet is, may teens are lacking in essential nutrients.

Your teen might have gone vegan for health reasons, environmental issues maybe they find factory farming cruel and inhuman. Maybe just to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle. Whatever the reasons a plant-based diet offers great advantages. I have put together a list of advantages, according to research:

1. Reduced risk of heart disease

2. Cancer

3. Obesity

4. Dementia

5. Diabetes

6. Low blood pressure

7. Lower rates of hypertension

We are living in a modern world, where farming has polluted a lot of our lakes and rivers. Our food is often grown in chemicals and our topsoil has lost a lot of its minerals. Having the correct supplements in our daily diet is extremely important. According to research Vegan lack 7 different nutrients as follows:

1. Vitamin D

2. Iodine

3. Iron

4. Calcium

5. Zinc

6. B12

7. Omega 3

Signs to watch if your Teen is lacking essential nutrients and vitamins:

B12 – Weakness and fatigue. You need B12 for your red blood cells, which transport oxygen throughout your body.

Iodine – Swelling in the front of there Neck.

Iron – Extreme fatigue. Pale Skin. Cold hands and Feet. Brittle Nails

Calcium – Exhaustion. Loss of Hair on the head. Paleness. Wheezing and Shortness

of Breath. Dry and damaged hair and skin

Zinc – Severe diarrhea. Loss of hair on the head.  Skin rash.

Vitamin D – Sickness or infections more than normal. Exhaustion. Bone and back pain. Depression. Loss of hair on the head.

Omega 3 – Dry and damaged hair and skin. Brittle nails. Poor concentration. Fatigue…

But Luckily with the modern world, there is no excuse for Vegans to be lacking in anything.  If you have any concerns obviously seek expert help. But also please feel free to message or email me.







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