If you are anything like me, I love Christmas. Christmas is one of my favorite times of years. Forget birthdays, New Year, Halloween. If I had to choose, Christmas would win hands down.

Yes, I am that person like many other Christmas lovers that spend Christmas Eve in the kitchen cooking with the Christmas music on the stereo and a glass of wine not far out of my reach. And this year my friends it was no different.

This is my fourth year that I have spent Christmas living in four different countries. And I have loved every minute of it. For sure a lot of people go away at Christmas time for a holiday. But I don’t think this is the same as actually living in a country. Making friends around the world, so on Christmas day (or eve) this year especially I have found that we are making facetime chats to people we have come to love.

My Christmas this year as you know spending it at home (Belize). This is our home for now and probably will be for the next 3 years.

Today it is boxing day and to be honest, I was not going to write a blog, but I wanted to check in with you all and let you know how our day went and I hope you will tell me how your day was spent.

As I said before Christmas Eve was spent in the kitchen cooking, this year was pretty special as yes I was cooking but I had a helper. Chanise helped me cook this year as this is her first year being Vegan. So we had to come up with some nice Vegan Christmas dishes. You probably thinking was their meat. Well, of course, there was. I think if I told Mark we were having a Vegan Christmas, I would be getting some harsh words lol.

Christmas day we had a bit of a lay in. Up about 9. Coffee pot on and spending 30 minutes opening presents, which consisted, of course, a snorkel set. We are in Belize after all. A good snorkel set is a must. I have learned the difference thanks to my hubby the difference between a good snorkel and a bad one. I have highlighted (Snorkel) and it will take you to a good set. At a reasonable price.

Presents followed by Breakfast. Now we do Christmas breakfast the New Zealand way. And as long as Christmas is hot our breakfast will always consist of fresh fruit, croissant, ham (for Mark), Cheeses. And fresh juice. Then the normal stages of Christmas morning, dressed, shower, and a clean up of the kitchen.

Now, this is usually where we have a game, you know the latest Christmas game. But living in Belize I would not have a clue what this year faze of Christmas game is. So I was cards, 31 game and kings and arseholes. Did we play for money the three of us? You bet we did just a few Belize dollars each. (Boy I am a bad mother, lol). A card game on Christmas day goes nicely with some homemade punch. That’s been in the fridge overnight, so the fruit was oozing alcohol. Vodka, fresh orange, sprite, and fresh fruit. I’m telling you to leave the fruit in the vodka overnight and the fruit will get you more tiddly than the juice.

The card game was done after maybe an hour. You know its time to hit the beach. I mean it would be rude not to wouldn’t it? So chilly bin packed with the essentials which consist of a couple of beers for Mark, a glass of punch for me, Snorkels, the portable speaker, iPhone (playlist done in advance). And we walk the 100 meters to the beach. With Bella (the dog) in tow.

A couple of hours at the beach fooling around, then back home to prepare and put the roasts in the oven. And yes another game of cards on the deck for a good hour and a half. The weather was still lovely and warm so why not. And the kitchen was hot so I really did not want to spend too much time there on Christmas day. The two-bedroom place we are renting temporarily has no air con, which is fine, I can handle it. But once the oven has been on it can heat the whole house up and it gets hot. The temperature yesterday here was 29 degrees Celsius which is about 85 Fahrenheit.

So with a nice glass of red in my hand (a well-deserved one I might add) The table set. We all dug into a nice Christmas feed. And it was delicious. I had everything Vegan and it was delicious.

It must have been good. We all had full bellies and at 7 p.m Chanise went to her room. Me and Mark had a couple of beers on the deck with a friend. Then by 8.30 we settled down and watched a movie. All in all a great Christmas had by all.

Also, you guys know that I am missing two of my girls this year for Christmas. And yes it has been hard. I have missed them terribly.  I have to realize they are growing up. They are choosing their own path. And as a mother, it is hard to let go… But we all have to choose our own destiny in life. And I am looking forward to watching my girls grow and learn.

I wonder if next Christmas my title for my blog will be FIVE YEARS, FIVE CHRISTMASES, IN FIVE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. Mark has never had a white Christmas. And I know that he would love to.

Watch this space…..


I would love to hear your stories about your Christmas Day. Comment below…..

UPDATE: It has been bought to my attention (thanks to the comments), that I was so busy rambling about my day that I did not put what the four Countries where.

  1. New Zealand
  2. Thailand
  3. USA
  4. Belize



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