Hi, I hope you read my last post ‘When my Teen told me she wanted to turn Vegan’, and I hoped you found it interesting. I am not going to beat around the bush or put posh words in my posts. I am simply going to tell you like it is. Real Life in my house! Compromising with my Vegan Teen. I left my last post yesterday with. She was ready. There was no swaying her, she had made up her mind! Was I going to sway her? Did I try one last time for her just to go Vegetarian and not Vegan? And did I succeed? Yes, I did! Yes, you better believe it I managed to sway my daughter to go vegetarian for a while. Just to see how she would go. Of course, I was thinking to myself. Yes, success. She was not going to stick to it. Hell, she loved her junk food. You know just grabbing a bite at a fast food chain, or ordering a pizza, (with pepperoni which she loved). She is not going to miss out on this. It will get to her she will give in! I will give her maybe a month and it will be over. No more worrying for me that she is eating the right vitamins and supplements. No, I did the right thing, I had won. Yay!

Mmmm wow how wrong I was! She did stick to it. She didn’t just stick to it. She ran with it, and when I say “with it”, I mean literally. She was running, she was exercising she was getting fit. Now, my daughter, was the kind of daughter most of us have at some stage in their adolescent life. You know if you walked too far they would complain and moan that her legs were tired. But here she was training and eating great. My daughter just did not turn vegetarian but her whole outlook on food and exercise changed. She was so pleased with herself, and in truth so was I! She stuck to it, I was wrong, yes I was wrong. Three months later she was still a vegetarian.

Off course as any parent would, you have to watch what she is eating. We do this on a normal diet with our children, make sure they have enough, vitamins such as potassium, magnesium, folate iron, calcium, omega etc… And when she turned vegetarian these things become very important. Just a quick fact B12 is only found in meats. So this is just one of the things that you need to get your Teen, when they decide to become Vegan or Vegetarian.

So this post was all about compromising with your Teen. Give it a go especially if they are young and you don’t think they are quite ready to become Vegans or maybe your just not ready to adjust to this lifestyle. Because believe me for a teen to become a vegetarian or Vegan you are their support. And also believe me, when I tell they will come to you for advice. I feel I defiantly compromised with my Teen.

I have just more thing to say before I sign off. At this time when my Teen was a Vegetarian. I still heard her constant banging on about wanting to become Vegan. She still felt guilty about animal products that were in her food. Yes, she was not actively eating meat but she was eating animal products that are found in food.

Hope you have found this post interesting and somewhat entertaining. Please comment below and I will be sure to comment back.

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Originally posted 2018-09-14 18:27:34.