AH to travel! as you all know I have traveled to a lot of countries. And for that in itself, I feel very blessed. Experiencing everything our world has to offer is definitely on my bucket list. There is so much still to explore and do.

Chasing adventure, and creating memories somehow makes complete sense to me and always have. To just get away from home, even just for a few days, hey even a night feels incredibly free and revitalizing. Helps you forget your troubles and gain perspective. Life gets busy!

So for those of you, like me, were the last person to hear about a great convenient invention that the rest of the world seems to have enjoyed for a few months. For me, it was always the same, just too many of those “Why didn’t I start using this sooner?” You’re feeling me right. Come on I bet you have said this more than once.

But what do you do as a mother traveling with a vegan when going off into the world without the comfy possessions of home? Here’s what I never leave home without:

1. Packing Cubes

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Product Overview: 10/10

Price: $22.95

Your probably thinking, Packing Cubes do I really need these? Well, the answer is yes you do. Believe me, when I say, it is great when you get to your destination. Why? With these packing cubes, there is no rummaging about in your suitcase to find your bikini. You know you do it! We all do. The thing with these Packing Cubes they also feature a breathable mesh design to more easily locate items in your suitcase, while 2-way easy-pull zippers provide reliably fast opening and closing, which means faster packing. Or unpacking. And they’re cheap enough. They are not going to break the bank.

2. Collapsible Water Bottle                                         

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Product overview: 10/10

Price: $24.95

This Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle is Travel-Friendly and Food Grade Silicone. Some useful information for you “Every minute one million plastic bottles are purchased worldwide, and 91% of all plastic is not recycled.”  This bottle has not just got an environment effect but we all know how expensive bottled water can be especially at the airports. And I for one really begrudge it. What I really love about this bottle is its also light and when collapsed it can easily fit into your pocket.  This is a must for a traveler.


3.  Portable Blender – Popbabies P1001W

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Product Review: 10/10

Price: $36.99

As you all know I have had a lot of trouble and worry especially when we are on the road, making sure that Chanise gets all the right nutrients etc.. If only I knew about this baby when we were on the road for coming onto 3 weeks. Whether you are Vegan not. I would not go traveling without this Portable Blender.  You can travel with this baby all around the world without plug issues from different countries. You can blend while it’s charging. Powerful enough to blend ice, frozen fruit, and nuts in 20 seconds. Believe me when I say, if I had to choose anything to go traveling with this would be my number 1.


4. Travel Laundry Bag, Miamica “Wash Me”

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Product Review: 10/10

Price:  $7.99

If you were anything like me. When traveling my laundry basket was plastic bags. Not a pretty site. And to be honest my kid’s laundry basket was also plastic bags, but for some reason, their dirty laundry always ended up back in there suitcases along with there clean clothes. Frustrating right. To also let you know this does not change when they become adolescents, in fact, it probably got worse. Now I would not leave home without these. We literally have one each. We don’t even have to share they are so cheap. They are expandable with drawstring closure, and the laundry bag starts out small for easy packing and then unzips to open up and hold your dirty laundry.


5. Microfiber Towel

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Product Review: 10 / 10

Price: $12.44 (Medium)

Please don’t tell me when you travel that you pack a normal everyday towel from our airing cupboard.  Bet you do, don’t you. Well in 2018 there is no need to. These Microfiber Towels are absolutely brilliant. While the cotton towels take forever to dry and your typical microfiber leaves a lot to be desired, MyQuest Microfiber Towels are there to fix those problems. These towels absorb more moisture, dries so much faster, and stays fresher for longer. They are light and you can easily throw them in your handbag as your running out the door to the beach. And for all you backpackers out there. Room in your suitcase or rucksacks is everything. These towels are perfect and will save loads of room in your travel bag.


These products I personally use when traveling and they have solved most travel problems with minimal investment. You can be organized, comfortable and ready when you arrive at your destination.

Happy Holiday x


Originally posted 2018-12-20 20:32:35.